Getting into grad student life

I had my first orientation session for ITP yesterday. Over the course of about an hour and a half, we were introduced to the program, the faculty and staff and the facilities at ITP. Then they passed around a wireless mic and had all the new students (about 100 people) introduce themselves. The incoming class is about 60% male to 40% female, and about 30% international. Koreans, Turks and Texans seemed rather well represented in the group. People came from all different backgrounds, from seasoned techies, to dabbling dilettantes like me, to the utterly random (not meant to be a value judgment – the randomness and the diversity is part of the greatness of ITP). I think there was somebody who was a corporate lawyer and somebody who had a finance background.

Due to all the wireless signal activity in the room, there were some major sound and feedback issues with the mic, so we ditched the mic part-way through the intros. The fact that there was a big column in the middle of the room also hindered communications. In any case, I hope to be able to get to know my fellow classmates better later today at the departmental welcome part and over the course of the next 2 years.

I got my official NYU ID yesterday, and upgraded my MacBookPro to Leopard (finally) and my Adobe software to CS3 in preparation for school and for the continuing web content production I will be doing for HRW.

I also met with my academic adviser, Daniel Rozin. My first semester schedule is pretty much spoken for. I will be taking the four foundations courses: Applications of Interactive Telecommunications Technology, Communications Lab, Introduction To Computational Media, and Introduction to Physical Computing. It’s just a matter of scheduling. I just hope I don’t get stuck in an early morning session, since I have pretty much reverted to my natural nocturnal ways of late-night productivity since quitting my day job.

This morning I had to get a blood test taken at the NYU health center to prove my immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella. I was a little anxious about having blood drawn, but the nurse was very nice and put me at ease. She had me lie down, grab a squeezy ball and look away while she pricked my arm and sucked out the sample. Not too bad actually. I got a cute Sesame Street Band-Aid (“plaster” for my British friends) to cover my wound afterwards (below).

Sesame Street Bandaid

After the blood test, I went to the NYU bookstore to get my textbooks for the semester and also picked up a new Timbuk2 laptop backpack. I already had a Timbuk2 messenger bag, but the one-sided strap was killing my back. The backpack spreads the weight more evenly and is much better on the back and shoulders, even if not as “cool.

After lunch, I worked on my submission for the new ITP T-shirt design (below). I was going for a simple geek-chic aesthetic with the circuit board and LED fonts and the retro-but-timeless green-on-black color story that evokes the monochromatic computer monitors of yore.

ITP T-Shirt (Circuits & LEDs) - Model View

Check out all of the submissions here.

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