Genocide in Darfur



Darfur’s genocide has too often been attributed to a faceless Sudanese Government or the Janjaweed. But the truth is that a few individuals designed, implemented and continue to perpetuate this horror…

It is time to name their names. Human rights experts agree that the architects of this genocide are Sudanese President Bashir, Vice President Taha and Security Chief Salah Gosh. They have orchestrated mass rape, murder, starvation, and genocide, and now they are threatening to spread that terror beyond Darfur, into Chad and other nearby countries.

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Please help us put a name and face on the evil behind this genocide. Shaming these men will pressure the international community to stop offering these criminals handshakes and deals while the people of Darfur continue to die under their grip. What’s needed now are international indictments and arrests.  Only this kind of justice can bring real and lasting peace to Darfur.

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To learn more about the genocide in Darfur, watch the NBC News Special, “Crisis in Darfur with Ann Curry,” which is available as a FREE download from the iTunes Store.

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