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From the Vaults: Teenage Compositions

Here are  some of my earliest musical compositions (dating from the early and mid 1990’s, when I was just entering high school). I started playing around with MIDI sequencing and audio processing during this time, and here are the results of my experimentation. At times cringe-worthily cheesy, and other times still surprisingly brilliant 10 years later (If I do say so myself).  In any case, I present my nostalgic tasting menu of teenage angst and experimentation.

A.G. – Weird erratic/eclectic General MIDI madness
Drama Queen – Smoky night-time eyes, tape hiss, and more drama
Dream – MIDI-powered koto and shamisen Orientalism, oh my!
Fondue – Minimalist mating music for robots
Hymn – A terrifying deconstructed Taiwanese hymn
Last Song – Just when you thought it was over, last but not last
Prozac Piano – Pop a pill before you listen

You know you want to download them all in one ZIP file.

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