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Election Night

Video: People celebrating Obama’s victory in New York City’s Union Square

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Last night I watched history in the making.  The American people elect Obama, embracing racial reconciliation, while the anti-gay sentiments behind the propositions that passed in Florida, Arizona, and California represent a punch in the stomach, a kick in the balls, and a knife in the back of another group of minorities seeking equality.

Until the philosophy,
Which holds one race AND ONE KIND OF LOVE superior
And another inferior,
Is finally and permanently
Discredited and abandoned,
Everywhere is war.

Until there is no longer first class
Or second class citizens of any nation.
Until the color of a man’s skin, AND THE GENDER OF HIS LOVE
Is of no more significance then
The color of his eyes,
I’ve got to say “war”.

That until the basic human rights,
Are equally guaranteed to all,
Without regard to race, OR SEXUAL ORIENTATION
I’ll say “war”

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