Eat More Rice Bitch!

According to the Taipei Times, laboratory tests have shown that two Taiwanese breeds of rice could boost cancer-fighting cells.

The study was the first to compare and contrast the effect of domestic rice and imported rice on cell immunity against cancer.

The research tested the abstracts of nine rice breeds — seven local strains, one Australian and one Canadian wild rice breed.

The research findings were published in the latest volume of an international science journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology.

Abstracts of two of the local samples were found to be able to activate immune cells’ ability to kill tumor cells, Chen was quoted as saying by Chinese-language China Times yesterday.

After being stimulated by the abstracts for five days, the ability of the immune cells to kill tumor cells rose by 30 percent, Chen said. He said the immune cells also appeared to be more active after the experiment, releasing more interferon and tumor necrosis factor.

The article also points out that “the average person in Taiwan now consumes 48.56kg of rice per year, 11kg less than was consumed a decade ago.”  That reminds me of T-shirt I saw in Bangkok (FYI, that’s in Thailand, not Taiwan – “same same but different!“).  The picture featured a “Chinaman hat” wearing figure with a caption that read, “Eat More Rice Bitch!”  Maybe that’s good advice after all, it could prevent cancer.

Those clever Asians, sure know a thing or two about rice. According to Margaret Cho’s mother, you can even use sticky rice as a substitute for glue in school projects!  Fun!

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