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This week I had a conversation with Andrew Benedict of the Insight Labs about UX for Good in Rwanda this June. I will be taking part in the week-long design challenge as a team captain.

Andrew: This challenge would be a huge undertaking for people from any background. What do you think makes UX design a particularly good fit to take it on?

Lee-Sean: I think of UX design as both applied craft and liberal art, which makes it a particularly good fit for this kind of challenge. UX designers have the ability to craft and make things in their particular area of expertise: web, mobile, etc., but the discipline is fundamentally about people in social and environmental contexts, which is what I meant by “liberal art.” UX design is sort of like rhetoric in a classical liberal arts education. It builds ways to frame our understanding of something with the aim of motivating and persuading people (“users”) around a certain point of view.

Check out the interview here.

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