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Designing the Future of TV: Week 1

Week 1 of Designing the Future of TV at ITP:
1. Blog an example of an inspirational example of TV Placeshifting/Timeshifting
2. What is one future TV feature you would love to have right now. Why?

Here’s a TV placeshifting story: I remember summer of 2008, I was on a JetBlue flight from NYC to Phoenix.  The Beijing Olympics were in full swing, and it seemed like everyone on the plane was watching the Games on their individual seat-back monitors.  When Michael Phelps won yet another gold metal mid-flight, the airplane erupted in cheers and applause.   All this in an airplane cabin 30,000 feet over some fly-over state cornfield.  TV, it’s not just for the living room anymore.

There are a lot of future TV features that I would love to have, such as an easy way of notating TV, to easily add subtitles, “draw” over a video like in Photoshop, or to add my own commentary track.  I would love to also be easily make mashups of TV programs from within the same program I use to view video, without the hassle of DRM or copyright restrictions.  I would also love to be easily able to make a “mixtape” of video and TV and to be able to share it with friends, or to time/placeshift it for future viewing.  I guess I can do it now, but I have to rip the video if it isn’t downloadable, then I have to put everything in iMovie or Final Cut or something, then re-export it.  I want to be able to remix and mash up video in the same platform or application I use to watch it.

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