Avaaz.org in the German Media

Here is an article about Avaaz.org published in Jetzt.de, the youth magazine of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, a major German newspaper:


I don't really read much German, so here is the Google Translated version of the article:

 For ten days the campaign Website Avaaz stands in the net. Avaaz means on Urdu (also on Farsi and Hindi!) „Voice “. The voice of one of the Web master is meant gepushten world civil company.
The managing director of Avaaz is Canadian, its name is Ricken Patel, its age 30. The Avaaz boss explains: „We experience straight world-wide a technological revolution, how it did not give them ever. Already today it gives a billion to humans with Internet connection and two billion humans with mobile phones. That offers the chance to us to interlace humans global and articulate their requests. “Ricken does not begin with zero, its starting capital is the portal „MoveOn “, the largest campaign Website in the USA also over three million Usern.

The receipt on the side:
The Avaz Startseite loads itself on English. Immediately however one stolpert over a link canon to side folders in other languages: on Französich, German, Spanish, Portuguese and in exotic styles, which are suggested by the standard software Tools gladly with question marks and mysteriösen special symbols.

What do we experience?
Power exercises Ricken, by pulling the powerful ones to the account. It is the sympathetic face of the globalization, the man, to who one entrusts the requests of the world gladly. Its slogan: „First times I am humans, and then only citizen of a country. “A maxim, which he took over from Mahatma Gandhi. If the Avaaz boss quotes the icon of the peaceful world revolution, that sounds not pathetisch, but absolutely reliable. Ricken is Canadian with British nationality and Indian descent. It buildup in Kenya, studied in Oxford and Harvard and worked then for international organizations in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Afghanistan and in the Sudan. Its domains there: Protection of citizen rights and „Good governance “. With these Biografie becomes one UN Secretary-General. Or one creates its own UN – Avaaz, a transnational community, which is to function more democratically and thus better than the United Nations.

That is to remain hanging with the reader:
The Cyber Weltgemeinschaft wants to establish Ricken as a global superpower. „Behind nearly all our local requests hide themselves deeper problems, which can be angepackt only global. An example: In Africa humans fight each other around the ever more scarcely becoming field. The reasons for it however are appropriate for a global phenomenon in the climatic change. “Still give it a giant gap between the world, like it is and to the world, how they wish themselves most. „The majority of the people is absolute per environmental protection, per human right and against poverty, land mines and AIDS. Which the national governments decide in this connection, is unfortunately mile far away from what humans want. “

Ricken Patel, Mastermind of Avaaz

For whom is the side meant?
Everyone can register itself on avaaz.org and then equal loose-put with Postings and comments, as it did on 12 January Zaid Mahdi: an engaged Iraki from Haditha, where in November 2005 24 civilians were deliberately killed of US-American armed forces:

„The peace is with you, I is an inhabitant of Haditha, a city, which stands for two months under bombardment of American and Iraqi troops. Us slowly however reliably the food and medicines go out. There are strict curfews and some quarters must nearly without food and Sprit get along. The situation is terrible, therefore I ask you: Help us, so that our voice may arrive with the powerful ones of this world! Informs your delegates and government representative! Help us to turn away and for our degradation an end prepare a humanitarian disaster! “

Accurate data for global distribution the Avaaz user are not present (still). To at the end of of 2007 one wishes itself Ricken „lively Community also over one million active user from all countries of the earth. “

Current campaign:
Its signature Petition against George W. Bush plans for troop reinforcement in the Iraq. The campaign found so far over 40,000 supporters from all continents. In addition Avaaz switched an anti-Bush-advertisement on Wednesday in „the roll call “, the official info. newspaper of congress of US. A whole page tendency-makes against the Iraq plans of the government. Matter of expense 10,000 dollar, finances from the casket of well-meaning donors.


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