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Concert on the Rock

I spent the weekend at Concert on the Rock, up on Hachimenzan, the mountain just outside downtown Nakatsu. This was the 3rd annual Concert on the Rock, and the third time I have I have attended the concert. This year unlike the 2 previous years, this year I went purely as a paying spectator, to hang out with my friends and listen to some music and to enjoy the nice weather.

Last year, Fred and I performed an accoustic set under the band name, "Manner Mode." We performed some classic covers and some L.S. original songs of angst and heartbreak.  I haven't really developped any new material or performed since last fall anyway.  I just haven't really felt the musical inspiration lately.  Maybe a change of scenery and the other upcoming changes in my life will kick start my creativity again.  

While overall, I appreciate the hardworking organizers of the concert this year, I felt that last year's festival was somewhat better. And I am not just saying that because I performed last year. I'm not that much of a diva! I just felt that there were more diverse food tents last year, and a better set order for the bands. I liked the idea of the more acoustic sets performing on Sunday last year. This year, I thought the volume levels sounded way louder on Sunday than on Saturday, and some of the acts performing on Sunday were not the most compatible music for a bunch of tired, hung-over people looking to just chill. There was one Japanese female singer in particular, who sounded like she had a good voice, but her sound levels were just a bit off, so she ended up sounding harsh and piercing. 残念ですね! Too bad!

Another thing that I would like to point out is the fact the the event is and was supposed to be a charity event for a center for underpriviledged children.  Besides mention of it on flyers and on the website, there wasn't much said about the charity aspect of the concert during the event itself, which is too bad I think.  Also, the MCs who were introducing the bands were pretty dry and to the point, lacking in charisma and enthusiasm.  I understand the sentiment of letting bands' music speak for itself, but I also think there is room for improvement in the PR department.  

Anyway, I'm not criticizing (at least not in a mean-spirited way), I'm just saying how I feel and attempting to be constructive. To Rachel and everybody else who organized the event this year without Rich (the original founder and visionary behind the first two Concerts on the Rock), お疲れさまでした! Good job, and thank you for your efforts. 来年もがんばってください! I hope you guys keep this event going! Nakatsu needs all the art and culture it can get. After attending my 3rd Concert on the Rock, I am definitely beginning to feel the timer counting down until the end of my stay on JET in Japan. The end of one journey, and the beginning of another. The big journey of life. haha, enough clichés for one morning. It's Monday morning, back to "work".

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