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Here is the original text that I released on the IndyMedia Newswire:

New Campaign Urges the US to Dialogue with Iran

By Lee-Sean Huang

Global IMC 18/10/06

The Res Publica launches a new campaign asking Netizens around the world to urge the US government to begin open, direct talks with Iran about its nuclear program. 

The Ceasefire Campaign began when 300,000 individuals from over 150 countries came together to demand a ceasefire in Lebanon. The campaign is a project of Res Publica, a global civic advocacy group and registered charitable organization based in New York City.

The latest campaign, "Talk to Iran," was launched today (October 18, 2006), with the sending out of an email alert to the Ceasefire Campaign email list and the unveiling of a revamped website.

The new campaign is asking online citizens from around the world to urge the US government to enter open and direct talks with Iran about its nuclear program, a week after the alleged detonation of nuclear device by North Korea demonstrated that policies of isolation and threats of regime change will not prevent the spread of nuclear weapons.
Over 8000 people have already participated in the first day of the campaign by sending a customizable message the White House asking for dialogue.

To find out more and to participate in the campaign, please visit the link:


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