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Live Earth Concert


Yesterday I headed over to Giants Stadium in New Jersey with the Avaaz/Fenton crew to attend the Live Earth concerts. Seeing Bon Jovi perform on their home turf was a religious experience! Check out more of my pictures on Flickr. Below: inflatable pig from Roger Waters’ set.

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A multilingual video message from Al Gore

So this is what I have been up to for the last 3 days. Editing and subtitling, animating the graphics, and programming beats for the intro/outros. Hope you all enjoy and feel inspired to go take the climate change pledge at!

MP4 Video
Quicktime Video (high resolution)
MP3 (Audio Only)

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Vídeo Quicktime (alta resolución)

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Music by/Música por/Musique par: HEPNOVA

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Grassroots climate activists to hold events from Singapore to São Paulo–global movement emerging

NEW YORK–Climate activists affiliated with, a new million-member global online advocacy group, and, former Vice President Al Gore’s personal email list, have organized 5000 parties in 119 countries centered on the July 7 Live Earth concerts, Avaaz announced today.
In addition to watching the concerts, partygoers will take the Live Earth Pledge, committing to personal and political action to combat the climate crisis.

Live Earth is the best possible moment to start an unstoppable movement to end the climate crisis,” said Ricken Patel, executive director of “Global public opinion is the new superpower, and Live Earth is giving it a historic jolt of renewable energy.”

Avaaz members have registered to host 2500 parties, including 312 in Australia, 100 in Mexico, 121 in Great Britain, 70 in South Africa, 17 in India, and 58 in Slovenia. While all the parties will involve the concerts and the Live Earth Pledge, each is unique–including:
• a dance party at a club in Bosnia
• children’s plays about global warming organized in Cotonu, Benin
• a climate change festival at the International Peace Museum in Ohio
• a Bahai prayer service in Mozambique

Event details can be accessed through an interactive map at The parties will be “co-hosted” by Al Gore, who will appear via an exclusive online video (subtitled into several world languages by Avaaz).

Avaaz members recently delivered a 375,000 petition to the chair of the G8 negotiations, calling for world leaders to begin global negotiations on climate change before the end of the year.
Avaaz’s work to give ordinary people around the world a powerful voice in global decision-making is inspiring, and their climate crisis organizing around the G8 Summit made a significant difference,” said Gore. “Through these parties, we can reach more people than ever before and build a truly global movement to solve the climate crisis.”

“On July 7th, thanks to Live Earth, 2 billion people will be thinking about climate change. It is a rare and priceless opportunity to build political will, and Avaaz members are making the most of it,” said Ricken Patel of is a new multi-issue online network that provides opportunities for citizens of every country to take concerted action on urgent global problems – climate change, poverty, the crisis in the Middle East.’s mission is to ensure that the views and values of the world’s people shape global decisions. It operates in 12 languages. Recently launched in January 2007, it now has over a million members from every nation of the world. ‘Avaaz’ means ‘voice’ in several European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages.

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Live Earth Party with Avaaz and Al Gore

Co-host a Live Earth party with Avaaz and Al Gore! Hosting is very easy: all you need is a computer, a television, and a place where friends can join you, such as your home or a bar. We’ll send you easy, step-by-step instructions for how to have a great event. If you choose to make your event public, other people in your community will be able to find it and register to attend when they search for events in your area. Together, we’ll make 7/7/07 a turning point in solving the climate crisis!

Click here to learn more and to create your own house party

You can also order a Björn the Bear T-shirt, designed by Hepnova. All t-shirt royalties will go towards supporting Avaaz’s campaigns.


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The Future of Music


From Tekserve’s email invite:

Special Event: The Future of Music, A Panel Discussion on Where the Music Industry is Headed

The panel will explore a host of music topics: What have we gained, what have we lost? What are we going to hear in the next ten years? What are we going to feel? How will music be sold? How will it be produced? How will it be performed? Prior to the panel discussion, you will hear from Steve Gordon, author of THE FUTURE OF THE MUSIC BUSINESS: How to Succeed with the New Technologies, A Guide for Artists and Entrepreneurs. In addition, you’ll have the chance to pose your own question to the panelists at the end of the discussion.

Moderator of the Discussion: Harry Allen is a famed hip-hop activist and journalist for Vibe, The Source, The Village Voice, and others. As an expert covering hip-hop culture, Harry has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, on National Public Radio, MTV, VH-1, CNN, the BBC, and other information channels.

Here is a list of our panelists:

Bob Power, Award-winning, multi-platinum record producer, mixer, engineer, musician. Credits Include: A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul, Erykah Badu.

Hank Shocklee, Long Island based hip-hop producer. Credits include: Public Enemy, EPMD, Ice Cube.

Nick Sansano, New York-based engineer/producer. Credits include: Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Galactic, Sonic Youth.

Steve Gordon, New York based entertainment attorney, author and lecturer

Below: Mixer Cake


My Notes:

Steve Gordon’s Presentation on the Future of the Music Business

  • The traditional music biz is in crisis due to digital downloads, Napster and Kazaa, but there are many new opportunities
  • Gross music recording sales are in decline – peaked at $15 billion in 1999, now down to $10 billion in 2006
  • With modern technology, it is now possible to produce a commercial quality album for less than $10,000 and set up a promotional website for only a few hundred dollars.
  • Case study : Assuming that an artist records an album for $15,000. If she sells only 3000 units online through self-distribution, she can start to turn a profit. At a major label, she would have to sell over $15,000 units just to recoup costs, before starting to receive a paltry %3 on each unit sold.
  • iTunes was a step in the right direction. Great deal for Apple – over 90 million iPods sold, but for record labels, digital sales have not compensated for losses in CD sales.
  • Why DRM? Labels for Apple to use it, but Apple uses DRM too. iTunes purchases only play on your computer or on an iPod.
  • New AAC Format (Apple and EMI partnership). Offers higher quality sound at a greater cost. But once again, it only plays on an iPod.

Panelists’ General Observations

  • There has a transfer of power from labels to independent musicians and producers, but not a transfer of money.
  • The business is in crisis, but MUSIC is still good
  • Consumers have a choice now. Need for new curators, gatekeepers and aggregators of content to help music listeners make more informed choices.
  • Just because we have new digital tools doesn’t mean we should use all of them at once. Talent and acquired skills are still needed. One needs to have a firm grasp of musical history and how to arrange. Good, cheap technology does not necessarily translate directly into a great record. But Rock and Roll was born out of doing things wrong.
  • In the new digital age we are still children. We are now free, but how do we take advantage of our new found freedom? Most people don’t know what is means to be free – so most people go back to the plantation.
  • PROMOTION IS KEY! People need to not only promote their own stuff, but cross promote with other artists and producers as well.
  • Currency is viewership and visibility, NOT SALES! Audio and visual elements are even more interconnected than ever.
  • Big expensive studios may still sound a bit better than a home-studio recording, but it doesn’t sound 1 million dollars better.
  • Labels will stay around in one form or another – just as radio did not replace television. Labels still have means to promote and place an artist. Labels still command trust with distributors and media networks. The oldest form of trust is $. Labels are like banks.
  • There is now a lower ramp of entry into the biz. But artists have an even greater responsibility to create their own buzz now.
  • There will be no more superstar artists – only celebrities and good artists.
  • Profits will be more evenly distributed. More variety in the ecosystem, with everyone getting a fairer piece of the pie.
  • Keys to success – REFINEMENT, SKILLS, and LEARNING.
  • MySpace is great, but don’t forget that face-to-face meetings and networking is still important.

Watch the The Future of Music videos on YouTube.