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More press for I RIDE FOR LIVESTRONG, an online interactive experience I worked on at Purpose:

TechPresident: Avaaz Co-Founders Seek Purpose Driven Consumer Life

Huffington Post: Julia Moulden on How to Use Technology to Change the World

Cool Hunting: This Week’s Picks

PSFK: Online Game I RIDE FOR LIVESTRONG Raises Funds, Awareness, and Social Empowerment

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Fun Japan Japanese Links translation

Procrastination: is a simple and amusing procrastination tool that demonstrates the hilarious quirkiness of machine translation. Enter an English phrase and TranslationParty will automatically translate it into Japanese, then back into English, then back into Japanese, etc. Until a Zen-like equilibrium is reached…


From Twitter via @myGengo.

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Interview in JQ Magazine

Shree Kurlekar of (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program Alumni Association of New York) interviewed me for the latest issue of JQ Magazine.  Download the PDF version of the magazine or read the article below after the jump.

JQ Summer 2009 Cover

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LEESEAN.NET Design Tweaks

I’ve made a few tweaks to to make the design more user-friendly.

The most obvious change is the removal of the big photos that showed up in the header.  After careful consideration, I decided that while I like them, they were taking up too much space in the browser window, especially on small laptop monitors.  I removed the header image so that users won’t have to scroll down so far to start reading content.  If you miss the old header images, you can see them all here.

The other design tweaks are very minor.  I’ve increased the total width of the site to 850 pixels, and played with some of the font settings to increase legibility.  I’ve also brought back an updated Links page.

This site is a perpetual work-in progress.  I learn more PHP and CSS every time I make design changes, so it’s an educational exercise as well.  How does the new site look?  Feedback appreciated.

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Mona Again: Vote online to support Asian American Literature


My friend Sophia Chang’s book, Mona Again, is a quarterfinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2009. This means that out of 10,000 submissions, Mona Again is in the top 500 and in the running for a book deal with Penguin.  Read the first 20 pages for FREE and help support Asian American literature with a few clicks of the mouse.  

Learn more about the book and vote for it here.