Intro to Computational Media Week 1 Assignment

Here is my first week’s assignment for my Intro to Computational Media class at ITP with Danny Rozin.  We are learning the Processing programming language.  The assignment was to create our own beautiful drawing with Processing using only 2D primitive shapes.

My drawing is a study of form, colors, and composition.  I used only circles, rectangles/squares and triangles.  I played with different degrees of color transparency (alpha) to layer shapes and colors.  As Scott McCloud pointed out in Understanding Comics (assigned reading in my Communications Lab class), circles/dots interact with the other random shapes to create eyes, faces, and breasts in the human mind, even in seemingly abstract drawings, which points to the anthro-centric hard-wiring of the human brain’s visual processing systems.

Click on the screenshot below to play with the interactive version.  Move your mouse around the drawing and see how it reacts.