Listen, love, and dance in a time of occupation.

You, you, you
Are a part of me
The good part, the right part
The part that I like to see, now

Three, three, three
Three enemies
I face three, I face three
I fight three to keep you with me

Got a place, got a place, got a place
I got a place in my heart for you
With the things
That are secret to me

I, I, I can see
I can’t really be
I can’t be, I cant… be
I can’t be without you baby

Occupy me / occupy me / Occupy ME!
I give up, I give up my sovereignty
We are 3 / We are 3 / We are 3

The love, the hate, the love, the hate, the harmony
Dissonance is, dissonance is synthesis
And how I feel is just like this

Featuring special guest bassist Krys VanSlyke

HEPNOVA Music YouTube

Fall on Me

Nicholas DiBiase and I perform an acoustic cover of REM’s “Fall on Me”.

Also check out Scott Korb’s NY Times article “The Right Moves,” about Michael Stipe’s signature moves.


Lasciatemi Morire

This track is like Monteverdi meets Massive Attack. Opera meets trip hop and makes a hot atmospheric mess. This is my first foray in recording vocals in Italian.

Lasciatemi morire,
Lasciatemi morire;
E che volete voi che mi conforte
In così dura sorte,
In così gran martire?
Lasciatemi morire.

Let me die,
Let me die;
And what you would think could comfort me
In such a harsh fate,
In such a great martyrdom?
Let me die.

China HEPNOVA Music

Guqin Jungle Mashup

Nicholas has been working on some beats and sent me a snippet of jungle beats today. I opened the file but forgot to turn off my iTunes, which was playing Chinese guqin music I have been really into lately. The result was a surprising mashup that is pretty awesome. Take a listen to a snippet, and stay tuned for some more polished mixes in the near future! Have a listen below.


Capoeira Culture Design HEPNOVA New York NYC PURPOSE Video YouTube

Start with a Circle: Musings on Movement Design, Capoeira, Oscar Wilde, and More

Video of me giving a Pecha Kucha-style talk at a event in March 2011. I weave together a story that combines design philosophy and movement building with anecdotes and metaphors from capoeira, pop culture, and literary history.

There was a camera glitch halfway through the talk, so please pardon the jump cut. Music by Hepnova.