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Learning to Listen

Learning to Listen – a quick guide to empathetic understanding

It sounds elementary, but even us grown-ups need an occasional refresher course on how to listen, how to REALLY listen. Listening is an essential part of being a good friend, colleague, lover, designer, manager, and PERSON. It’s a prerequisite for empathy, creativity, and collaboration.

By Chloe Tseung, David Colby Reed, and Lee-Sean Huang

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I have been on-again-off-again on this personal blog since my Japan days nearly a decade ago. Now it’s time to officially announce my hiatus and the launch of a new web presence.

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I am using my summer vacation from teaching to work on Foossa, a community-centered design consultancy. From now on, I will be posting my professional activities on the Foossa site. To keep up with my personal life, find me on Facebook or Twitter. This site will stay up for archival purposes or until zombie blog resurrection time.

Foossa is a collective of creative spirit animals. Our namesake and totem is the fossa (pronounced “FOO-sa”), a carnivorous cat-like mongoose native to the island of Madagascar.

We partner with individuals and organizations to turn inspiration into impact. We help dreamers, starters, and makers communicate their visions and engage their communities.

We are designers, storytellers, and problem-solvers. As a collective, we are able to stay agile, independent, and accessible, but also collaborate with others in our network for larger projects that may require specialized expertise. As spirit animals and strategic partners, we offer guidance, advice, and a bit of serendipity. Think of us as a creative agency meets petting zoo meets smart mob.

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Post nuclear apocalypse, the Cactoelho (Cacto = cactus, coelho = rabbit in Portuguese) is born from the fusion of a dessert jackrabbit and a cactus (the inspiration is the real cactus sitting on my desk). Cute, but spiny, he wanders the world looking for affection in the form of hugs. But that is alas, rather difficult.

Cactoelho is a new cartoon character work in progress.

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My Halloween costume: a furry panda hat I bought from a street vendor in SoHo, and my plush velvet suit I bought in Reykjavík way back in 2000.

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Ni Hao You Doin’?

Ni Hao You Doin’? – A new Hepnova shirt on Zazzle in collaboration with Joey G.

We were hanging out in Little Italy/Chinatown tonight and Joe came up with this brilliant bilingual pun that celebrates the confluence of cultures in a pizza/scallion pancake slice of Lower Manhattan with classic New York wit and attitude.  Here’s to pasta and to potstickers and to Sino-Italian-American friendship! Ni hao you doin’?

Buy the Ni Hao You Doin’ shirt on Zazzle

Ni Hao You Doin'? shirt
Ni Hao You Doin’? by Hepnova in collaboration with Joey G