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Burrito at Dos Piñas

Vegetarian Burrito at Dos Piñas, San Francisco

My dinner at Dos Piñas last night: Avocado, lettuce, beans, rice, and cheese burrito at Dos Piñas ($4.95), spiced up with some hot salsa and cooled down with horchata.

Dos Piñas is conveniently located right next to where the number 10 bus drops me off from work, at the foot of Potrero Hill where I am living.  I’d say that the burrito was well above average and the location is convenient, so I’ll be back.  They definitely get brownie points for melting the cheese in the burrito, which Chipotle does not.  Wow, I can’t believe I even compared it with Chipotle.  Ok, nevermind, I guess I was deprived of good cheap Mexican food in NYC (although La Esquina Taqueria in NoHo is definitely an exception).

Apparently they are known for their 2 dollar Coronas on Fridays and their fish tacos, so I’ll be back to try them out.

Dos Piñas official site
Dos Piñas on Yelp

251 Rhode Island St
(at 15th St)
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 252-8220

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