Black Curry 黒カレー

I went to Coco’s Curry House with Natalie and some of her colleagues tonight for dinner.  Coco’s is a Japanese-style curry chain restaurant with a franchise just 3 minutes walk from my hosue and a frequent JET hangout in Nakatsu.  The sign outside the building (above) )says, “We are making delicious curry” in Japanese.  I ordered one of the seasonal specials: black curry!


According to the menu, the black curry contains the following special ingredients:

  • Onion    たまねぎ
  • Tomato  トマト
  • Squid ink  イカスミ
  • Wine     ワイン
  • Brandy  ブランデー
  • Almonds アーモンド
  • Olive oil  オリーブオイル
  • Garlic    ガーリック

The ingredient list sounds more Mediterranean than South Asian.  The squid ink imparts a dark, sexy black color, with a subtle taste of the sea, but not too very fishy.  In fact, the inky and mysterious blend was quite smooth and well-balanced.  Here’s another photo (below) of the actual dish, topped with a soft poached egg (半熟タマゴ).  Very striking yin-yang, light-dark contrast.


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