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Björk and Konono No. 1 LIVE Internet Stream


(Above) Bjork concert at the United Palace on May 5, 2007. Credit: Stephanie Berger

Last night, I listened to NPR’s live internet stream of Konono No. 1 and Björk playing live from the United Palace in NYC. Isn’t technology wonderful? You can still hear the concert online at the NPR Music website and download the full concert by subscribing to the All Songs Considered podcast.

The concert was a great mix of old favorites and new tunes. I wish I could have been there live, but I guess a live webcast was the next best thing.

Notice Björk’s Mexican-inspired dress in the photo above. In observance of Cinco de Mayo perhaps? She did thank the audience by saying “gracias” between two songs. The 10-piece Icelandic all-girl brass band look great too. Love the 80’s neon! There was also a laptop playing beats on stage as well as a special appearance by a Chinese pipa player and a reactable, a new electronic instrument invented in Barcelona. Download recording here.

I am currently obsessed with the new single, Earth Intruders, and the new song she played for the encore, Declare Independence (download from MinorCrisis), an anti-colonialist anthem, which reminds me of her early punk days. I’m definitely loving the return of Björk’s ballsy beats and the political themes of her new album.


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