Banh Mi at Sau Voi


I had a Vietnamese sandwich from Sau Voi Corp for lunch today.  It looks like a typical, nondescript deli/bodega on the outside, but it is worth ignoring appearances because their sandwiches are delicious and cheap – all of their sandwiches are 3 dollars. 

I had the classic, which contains pâté, ham, turkey, cucumber, shredded carrots and daikon, cilantro, mayonnaise and hot sauce on a warm, crunchy mini-baguette.

By the way, these sandwiches are called "banh mi" in Vietnamese, which is almost as funny as "BangMi".  The banh mi come with hot sauce already, but I like mine covered with extra cock sauce for that extra kick.  Add a cup of dark Vietnamese coffee with sweetened condensed milk and we start to border on the sublime.

Two other reviews of Sau Voi here: 

Sáu Voi Corp
101-105 Lafeyette St., #3 (@ Walker St.)
Chinatown/City Hall, New York, NY (212) 226-8184
Banh Mi (all varieties): $3.00

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