A week of going away parties…

Today is officially my last day of school. Later today, the students will have their closing ceremony which will signal the end of the semester and the beginning of summer vacation. I have one more week to go. One week from now, I will be boarding an airplane back to the U.S. I have so much to do before then. So many people I have to see, errands to run, parties to attend, etc. I hosted a dinner party last night for some JET friends and some of my Japanese adult students. It was sort of a pan-Asian theme with some Taiwanese, Korean and Vietnamese dishes. Unfortunately, due to low light conditions and some tipsy camera work, only one photo came out looking presentable. Here it is: Kevin, Michiko, LS, and Junko posing in our yukata (summer kimono) in front of a sliding paper screen in my house. Très japonais, desu ne!

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