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A small favor (only takes 30 seconds)

Boris Dittrich, Advocacy Director of LGBT Rights at Human Rights Watch, has been nominated for the Jos Brink Prize, award by the Dutch government for outstanding work on furthering LGBT human rights. Before coming to HRW, Boris was member of the Dutch Parliament.  He sponsored a bill on the opening of civil marriage to same sex couples and a bill on adoption by gay couples.  Both bills became law in 2001.

The prize is determined by popular vote on the internet.  This is where we need your help.  Please vote for Boris at

It only takes a few seconds, and no registration or personal information is necessary.  The site is in Dutch, but voting is simple and straightforward.  You don’t need to read Dutch or even be Dutch to participate.

Boris is currently in second place, but we only need a few more votes to get him to number one, so your vote counts.  The recipient of the prize will receive 10,000 Euros and an artwork.  More importantly, winning the prize would give Human Rights Watch an increased visibility in our fight to protect the rights of LGBT communities around the world, especially in places where they are being discriminated against, tortured and executed.

Thanks so much for your help, or as the Dutchies say, “Dank je wel.”

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