Hakata Kinryu Ramen 博多金龍ラーメン

Last night, I had dinner with the girls (Tash, Natalie, Isa) at Hakata Kinryu Ramen, a ramen restaurant across the street from my house. In local foreigners lingo, we often refer to this place as the “Green Dragon” becauce of the cute mascot on the sign and on the menus, but curiously, the Japanese name […]

Cooking Taiwan

Sesame and Peanut Butter Noodles and Spicy Cucumber Pickles

Last month, Tradition Kitchens invited me to do a cooking demonstration livestream. I shared my recipes for Taiwanese sesame and peanut butter noodles and spicy cucumber pickles. These are two of my most-requested recipes, and they are always a hit when I host dinner parties or bring them to potlucks. Watch the video recording of […]

Audio Food Podcasts

Richard Morgan shares how he writes stories about food

I had the honor of hosting Richard Morgan on my new show, Easy Cook Bear, where he opened up about his food writing process and shared stories about surviving COVID-19, finding a complement for New York in San Francisco, why he doesn’t want to eat recipes from Rachel Ray, and more. Listen/Subscribe You can listen […]

California Food San Francisco

Maple Bacon Latte @ Pirate Cat Radio Café

Last night on No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain visited San Francisco.  One of the places he checked out was the Pirate Cat Radio Café in the Mission District, (in)famous for their Maple Bacon Latte ($5).  Joe, Michelle, and I went after work to check it out for ourselves. The lowdown: Milk, maple syrup, and concentrated bacon […]

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Izakaya Oni

Izakaya Oni 141 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003, US A mediocre Japanese gastropub (izakaya) in the East Village. Located behind Ramen Setagaya in the space formerly occupied by Pasta/Sushi Wafu and Oriental Spoon before that. Kris and I went last night (4 June 2008) after the Forum on Participation and Politics Online at NYU […]