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Rainstorm with ActionScript

Today in my Intro to Flash Animation class (COM 380), we learned how to animate random rain using ActionScript. Here is the example I made with My Neighbor Totoro.

Download the FLA source file here.

#DesignThyself Music

#DesignThyself 2.0 => #EverydayMusic

leesean ukulele

For my second #DesignThyself project, I will be rebooting my musical practice. Given my teaching and consulting work, I haven’t had as much time as I have wanted to practice, write, and produce music. I have decided to make music the first thing I do every morning, or the last thing I do before bed. I will be blogging my process here on my blog.

Starting this morning, instead of checking my email as the first thing I do when I wake up, I instead spent 20 minutes practicing ukulele and singing. I worked on Hallelujah and Peace Love and Understanding.

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