#DesignThyself – Seeking Korean Tutor

Korean self-study for my #DesignThyself mission isn’t working out. I need some guidance and accountability. And the feedback of a native speaker. It’s hard to motivate myself without an actual Korean speaker to talk to.

So, I’m looking for a Korean tutor or conversation exchange. I could pay, but I prefer barter. You tutor me in in Korean, and I can offer one or more of the below:

  • I tutor you in English. I have 3+ years of experience teaching English as a Second language.
  • I help you with your English writing. I have experience as a journalist and writer.
  • I teach you design (web/visual/UX).
  • I teach you music (basic piano, ukulele, music recording/production)
  • I cook for you or I teach you how to cook.
  • I teach you blogging/social media.
#DesignThyself Music

#Design Thyself Week 4 – Gangnam Covers and Meditation

First, some video inspiration of other folk’s renditions of Gangnam Style:

This week, I have tweaked my routine to focus more on learning the lyrics to Gangnam Style. It’s my first week teaching at the College of Staten Island, so now I have a long-ish commute to SI from Manhattan twice a week. I have devoted this commute time to Gangnam-style meditation. Gangnam Style on repeat, over and over again. On the ferry, and then on the bus, all the way to school. After a few times, I end up in a trance. Just today, I caught myself mouthing the lyrics to a verse I didn’t even think I knew. Something is working. Maybe some more deliberate practice will help, but since I have nothing better to do during the commute, why not get into a Gangnam trance?