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Again Tonight (JC Cassis Version)

New music for your next ccowboy zombie prom slow dance from Hepnova & JC Cassis

Original version of Again Tonight

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SokoSquare Thesis Update 5

A major milestone for SokoSquare this week.  We turned in the final draft of our business plan for the Stern Business Plan Competition.  Now we just need to refine our 15 minute pitch for the semi finalist pitch round on April 16.  We had a very successful feedback session in the pitch dress rehearsal last week.  We were scored all fours and fives (on a five-point scale) for the various judging criteria.  We were told that our visuals and branding were very clean and clear and that we had a fresh and unique energy. ;-)  We need to cut back on some of the competitor analysis and spend a bit more time on our operations plan.  This seems very doable between now and April 16 (9 am pitch, yikes!).  If we make it past this round, there will be a final pitch on April 30.

On the tech side, I have been researching various frameworks for developing the new version of SokoSquare moving forward.  Looked into CakePHP and CodeIgniter and looked at some how-to videos.  There’s also the Ruby on Rails option, but I think I’m over my head in this area.  Meeting with Elizabeth tonight to discuss, and need to loop Peter in too.  In the mean time, I need to finish mocking up the various user registration pages.

Also, found out at the Awesome Foundation trustee meeting on Monday night that someone else is working on a project very similar to SokoSquare, so meeting on Thursday night to follow up.

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You’re For Me (Featuring JC Cassis)

Here’s a new groove for #MusicMonday: an updated version of the Hepnova track You’re For Me with vocals by the fierce and fabulous Ms. JC Cassis.   The original version of You’re For Me was on our eponymous 2009 album and featured vocals by Hepnova co-founder Nicholas Dibiase.

The electric guitar solo (you know, the part where you wonder, “who invited The Edge to this Silk Road hoe down?”) was played by the brilliant Dr. Bob Devine.  And the crazy synth sounds you hear near the end come from the legendary Swedish SidStation.

Here are some reviews we have been getting:

JC calls You’re For me “a down-and-dirty country banger in the style of Johnny Cash.”

Mediocre Student says, “I like JC’s voice. and the pipa at the beginning. it’s like Detroit Chinatown. Your music has kind of a limping, offbeat rhythm which is a nice contrast to the incessant and calculated thrust of the bullshit Gaga house music I’ve been hearing in the Castro.” (*Actually the “pipa” sound is just a really cheap toy nylon string guitar, but also probably made in China, so I guess we are on the right track.)

Prestonism: “RAD to the MAX”

@ToniaMBartz: “GORGEOUS”

@KrysVS: “i would give it a “wow” to a “very wow”

@ClowerPower: “I could picture this on the soundtrack for a Tarantino film!!! ”

@AlexBerger: “A very fun retro feel!”

@JackAlert : “Can’t wait for #MusicMonday! Awesome new @Hepnova mix:… I think I might be in love with @JCCassis

ITP NYU Social Facts

Social Facts Paper 2

My second paper for Social Facts with Clay Shirky at ITP: Study of the OpenStreetMap community.

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