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I checked out Kogi, the much-hyped Los Angeles Korean BBQ Taco truck when I was in town visiting the family last week.  We followed them on Twitter and drove out to Encino to wait in line for the Korean/Mexican fusion food cart.  They have multiple trucks that park at different locations in LA on different days.  All I have to say about the experience is “Yes!”

Yes, the place has a lot of hype, but the food was great.

Yes, it’s fusion, but it’s fusion that just works.

Yes, the lines are long, so get there early.

Yes, the truck was late, stuck in traffic on the 405, but this is LA…

Yes, it’s cheap. Two bucks for a taco and five for a quesadilla.

I tried the tofu and spicy pork tacos and the kimchi quesadilla.  The tofu was flavorful with Korean marinade and seared to make it taste “meaty” rather than gelatinous.  Worth trying even if you are a total carnivore.  The spicy pork was great too: spicy, sweet, meaty, and fatty.  I have to admit this one was an easy sell for me.  When I go to Korean BBQ, I prefer the pork belly to the usual beef dishes like kalbi and bulkogi.  The quesadilla was amazing too.  The umami that comes out of the ménage à trois of kimchi, sesame, and melted cheese is divine.

Kogi Official Website
Kogi on Twitter
Kogi on Yelp

California Photography Pictures

New Years Eve in LA

Some photos from an epic New Years Eve in LA with Elizabeth and Jonathan:

More NYE photos on Flickr.

Art Interactive ITP New York NYU Photography Video

ITP Winter Show

A belated congratulations to all my ITP classmates for an awesome Winter Show.

Above: a light sculpture by Matthew Richard.
Below: Thomas the Barrel by Meredith Hasson.


Below: Life Dress by Elizabeth Fuller. Featured in Gizmodo.


More pics on Flickr.

Arizona Photography Poetry

Hometown Haiku

Here’s a haiku I tweeted last week while I was on vacation in Arizona, now with a photo to illustrate.

Rented SUV
A tourist in my hometown
Concrete Blonde CD

Awesome Foundation New York News NYC

The Awesome Foundation NYC

The Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences is kicking off 2010 by announcing the official launch of the New York City chapter.  I will be serving as the NYC chapter’s Dean of Awesome.  More details on The Awesome Foundation Blog.

The current micro-trustees of The Awesome Foundation NYC chapter include:

With 2 more to be announced!