Flash Flickr Loader (Work in Progress)

Here is a Flash-based loader of Flickr images that I am working on for my Flash of Flash class.

The UI is still a little buggy and needs refinement, but basically, if you click on a city name, the Flickr loader starts loading the latest photos tagged with the city in Flickr.  I’m thinking about adapting the code to make a simple, clean-looking automatic slideshow program for displaying Flickr images.

Activism Democracy ITP New York NYU Photography Pictures

Portraits of me by Jon Wasserman

Portrait of Lee-Sean Huang by Jon Wasserman

A couple weeks ago, photographer Jon Wasserman, who has also shot Murakami Takashi and Zach Condon of the band Beirut, came to ITP to shoot some portraits of our little geek-art-tech community.  Here are the pics he took of me.  It’s amazing what some good lighting and a good photographer can do.  Ok, so now I’m ready for my Vogue or Rolling Stone cover, any day now 😉

Portrait of Lee-Sean Huang by Jon Wasserman

Animals ITP NYU

Ruby the Elephant Research Links

assignment 4 of Animals, People, and Those in Between.

This assignment is a combination of research, character development and implmentation of a documentary form.
You are going to make a piece about an animal as an object, depicted in the 3rd person.
The assignment is a combination of research and storytelling, with the goal of making a portrait.

You will:
a. Research a real animal
b. Do character studies (a character model sheet) and write backstory
c. create a storyboard or a short piece about the character

I decided to choose Ruby the Elephant, who used to live at the Phoenix Zoo and became famous because she painted canvas that sometimes sold for thousands of dollars.  I have many fond memories of her from my childhood in Arizona.  I remember my parents had a print of one of Ruby’s paintings in their office.

Here is a list of links about Ruby.  I’ll make sense of everything and decide what I will do for the project later 😉

A painting by Ruby, from Wikipedia

Animals ITP NYU

Animal Ecosystem Postmortem

After presenting the Spirit Animal Ecosystem today in Animals class and receiving some feedback from the class, I assembled a list of ways to improve our ecosystem:

  • Larger scale or “more real estate” as Marina put it.  We should think outside the limits of our original Photoshop file that was projected on a screen and think more in terms of a large-format high resolution printed work.  This would allow for more space to show the context and habitat that each of the animals inhabit.  It would also  allow us to depict more than one version of each of the animals, doing different things at different points in time, like a medieval painting or tapestry that shows the same characters at different points in time in the same frame.  In a way, we already did this with Jill’s character, the Swallow, which is only one character, but shows up many times in the scroll graphic.  With more room, we could do this with the other characters.
  • Better integration of the narrative story with the graphic work.  More space and larger scale would definitely make this easier to pull off.  Or perhaps several different panels.  Instead of producing a taxonomy diagram like other groups, we decided to express the relationship of the four characters in the narrative, but we could perhaps integrate more elements of the story into the actual graphic.
  • We wrote the story AFTER we made the Photoshop piece.  Perhaps we should have done things the other way around…
ITP Music VisualMusic

Vocal Drone

This week’s assignment for Visual Music is to compose a drone music piece.

My voice as the only sound source + La Monte Young + Björk’s Medúlla + Dangerously-close-to-Enya vocal overdubs, reverb, and delay + a lot of copy and paste =   Vocal Drone.