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ITP Eating Club – 21 September 2008

I hosted the first ITP Eating Club event last night.  The theme was pintxos (a Basque genre of tapas) featuring some local ingredients and international flavors.  I was busy with the food prep and playing host for most of the event, so I didn’t take many pictures, but you can check out Cameron’s blog post and Derek’s photos.  We also live streamed the party from the webcam on my MacBookPro.  If you are super bored, you can watch the video of the party (we didn’t record audio) on my account.  Recipes after the jump.

Above: Liesje & Meredith sample the spread.  Below: Cameron and LS in the kitchen.  Photos by Derek Chung


ICM: Week 3 – Sakura

In week 3 of Intro to Computational Media at ITP, we learned about functions and objects in Processing.  I also peaked ahead to arrays so I could execute my idea.  I was inspired by my t-shirt (below), which is a Japanese design of cherry blossom petals (sakura in Japanese) blowing in the wind.

Here is my abstract Processing version (or click on the screenshot below to view). Press any key or click the mouse in the square to scatter cherry blossom petals.

View source code

Activism Campaign Democracy Internet News petition Politics – Write to Congress!

Your money is being given away by the government to big corporations who are in trouble because they made a lot of bad bets on inherently risky investment products.

Click here to send a letter to your Senators and Representatives, demanding them to take a stand against public liability for private debt.

Learn more at

Activism Campaign Democracy Internet News petition Politics

CITIZENS STAND AGAINST BAILOUTS WITH PETITION AND INTERNET SITE established 24 hours after bailout plan was announced

A group of outraged American businesspeople and academics from Arizona, New York, and California are taking a stand against the proposed $1 trillion plan to use taxpayer dollars to absorb bad debts from private corporations., the volunteer advocacy group they formed 24 hours after the announcement from Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, has launched an online resource and petition as a means to give a voice and support to Americans who oppose the bailout plan.

“Don’t give our children more debt and our creditors more power over us,” says Stacy Seger, an Arizona schoolteacher who helped launch the movement. “Don’t be afraid to speak out against these unprecedented government moves.”

The group circulates the petition online and on foot, planning to deliver it in person to Congress.  Public demonstrations are planned to draw more people to the issue. is reaching out to combine efforts other taxpayer advocacy groups, and will provide information to taxpayers through online and other media channels.

For more information, or to schedule an interview with an representative, please call Nicholas DiBiase at 480-734-9983 or email ActNow[at]EndBailouts[dot]org.

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Comm Lab Week 3: 30 Minute Film Festival

I worked with Mustafa today for this in-class assignment for Communications Lab at ITP.

In-class Exercise: The 30-Minute Film Festival. In teams of three you have 45 minutes to create a short video that contains a simple narrative arc. Create a blip account. Upload your video. Embed it into your blog. We’ll have a short film festival.

The inspiration for this short film came from a squashed pigeon I saw in the middle of Broadway when I was crossing the street from the subway to school this morning.

Click here or on the image above to play.