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Octopus Avocado Salad (Canned Galician octopus in olive oil, avocado, minced onion and celery, lemon juice)

Spiced lamb stew, ume-pickled celery, brown rice, raspberry lambic

Pimentón-dusted salmon, Swiss chard with chickpeas, brown rice

Gâteau à l’orange, Greek yogurt, honey, Fuji apple, dark chocolate


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Weekend Dinner

Ume chicken leg, oven roasted broccoli and pork fried rice

The ume chicken is inspired by the ume duck recipe in Eric Gower’s Breakaway Cook. I substituted chicken for duck since I couldn’t find duck leg at the market and also added pickled ginger to the simple sauce which is super simple – just puréed umeboshi and umeshu. The pork fried rice is made out of leftover porchetta from Peasant in Nolita.

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