Fred in NYC


Fred came down from Montréal to spend Easter weekend in NYC. We had an eventful weekend of shopping, eating out, going to see Les Misérables on Broadway, and just hanging out.

Close Guantánamo Now!

Sign the petition at You can put this graphic and link on your blog or website by copy-and-pasting the code below:

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JETAANY Happy Hour and Tokyo Cherry Blossoms


Check out the new albums in the Gallery:  JETAANY Happy Hour at Galway Hooker and Sakura 2007!


Victory for Press Freedoms – Josh Wolf To Be Released

Read all about it in the Huffington Post!


Seriously, WAY too much trouble for a video of a protest.  I give serious props to Josh for sticking to his principles.

Cute Bunnies and Polar Bears

From Spiegel Online:

No More Monster Bunnies For North Korea


Cashing in on Cute Knut