Banh Mi at Sau Voi


I had a Vietnamese sandwich from Sau Voi Corp for lunch today.  It looks like a typical, nondescript deli/bodega on the outside, but it is worth ignoring appearances because their sandwiches are delicious and cheap – all of their sandwiches are 3 dollars. 

I had the classic, which contains pâté, ham, turkey, cucumber, shredded carrots and daikon, cilantro, mayonnaise and hot sauce on a warm, crunchy mini-baguette.

By the way, these sandwiches are called "banh mi" in Vietnamese, which is almost as funny as "BangMi".  The banh mi come with hot sauce already, but I like mine covered with extra cock sauce for that extra kick.  Add a cup of dark Vietnamese coffee with sweetened condensed milk and we start to border on the sublime.

Two other reviews of Sau Voi here: 

Sáu Voi Corp
101-105 Lafeyette St., #3 (@ Walker St.)
Chinatown/City Hall, New York, NY (212) 226-8184
Banh Mi (all varieties): $3.00

New Avaaz Climate Change Campaign

The new Climate Change campaign video is now online! My favorite shots are Bush with a teddy bear and Putin sleeping with a gun.

Version française aussi disponible / Versión española también disponible
Other languages coming soon!

Bonobo’s Vegetarian


Bonobo's is one of my favorite lunch places. Everything is vegan, raw, and as local and organic as possible.  Healthy and delicious too.


Bonobo's Vegetarian Restaurant and Store
18 East 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010

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