Avaaz featured in the Economist Magazine


Feb 15th 2007
From The Economist print edition

Electronic activism is stirring a lot of citizens into life, whatever leaders think

WHATEVER might unite or divide them, George Bush, Vladimir Putin and the other leaders of the G8 nations will have a fresh topic for small talk, and perhaps serious talk, when they meet in Germany this summer.They and their underlings will all have been bombarded with e-mails from every country in the world urging them to take faster action over climate change—in a campaign mounted by Avaaz.org, a new web-based protest movement which aspires to be the biggest and broadest such organisation in a crowded field.

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Fascinating Interview with an Iraqi Politician

Mention in NY Magazine Online

On February 5, 2007, I blogged about an article in New York Magazine called “Kids, the Internet, and the End of Privacy.”  (Read my original blog post here)  In a follow up to the article published on February 15, they quote from several blog posts that they liked, LEESEAN.NET was among them.  They quote me and link back to my blog.  Hooray for my 15 minutes of fleeting D-list internet fame!

• Slob: “Wow — so the Internet generation has collectively huge balls.”
• Leesean.net: “One of the girls they profile was born in 1989 — that makes me feel old. But I totally identify with them. I’m a total Net Narcissist Exhibitionist Extraordinaire.”
• Bout Manje…: “The idea that this is essentially a *generation* gap is a bit overplayed. It is a magazine article, after all, and therefore sensationalized.”

• happysloth: “There are still some things that I want to lock away and not share with everyone. Even these teenagers have learned to tailor what they post for their audience. I think I’m the old schooler of the new school.”
• Shiny Red Button: “Rather than decrying the loss of privacy or shying from lurking dangers, real or imagined, they’ve embraced this open culture and are using it to their advantage.”
• UnBeige: “Unless you’re a kid yourself, reading this is a sure fire way to make yourself feel old.”

Activism Animals Japan Japanese

Whale-Love くじラブ


Check out this very cool bilingual site from Greenpeace Japan.  このサイトは可愛くて面白い。ぜひ訪ねてね!


Valentine for Palestine

A friend sent me this picture today (above), I thought I would share it with the world. It really doesn’t require much comment, it certainly speaks for itself.

In other Israel/Palestine news, Avaaz.org launched a new Middle East campaign today.

On Monday, the top Israeli, Palestinian, and international leaders meet briefly in Jerusalem to talk peace for the first time in almost 7 years. We need to show them the world is watching, and that we want them to begin real Middle East peace talks urgently. Sign the petition and we will publish it in Israeli and Palestinian newspapers with the number of signatures on Monday (19 February 2007), and deliver it to summit leaders thereafter.

Find out more and take action on our site. Better yet, send us feedback, blog about us, and comment on our blog.

Peace, Paz, Paix, Pau, Pace, Shalom, Salaam!