Japan’s Neocons


Check out this article from Adbusters Magazine about Japan's Neocons. 

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People in high tax countries better off

From the CBC

Written by two Toronto tax law professors for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, the report, released Wednesday, is blunt.

"Tax cuts are disastrous for the well-being of a nation's citizens," say authors Neil Brooks and Thaddeus Hwong.

The study compares four high-tax Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland) with six low-tax Anglo-American countries (the U.K., U.S., Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand).

The four Nordic countries scored better than the lower-taxed countries on most of the 50 indicators measured in the report, including:

  • Rate of poverty, equality of income distribution, and economic security for workers.
  • GDP per capita.
  • Rate of household saving and net national saving.
  • Innovation, including percentage of GDP spent on research and development.
  • Growth competitiveness as ranked by the World Economic Forum.
  • Rates of secondary school and university completion.
  • Rate of drug use.
  • Leisure time.

Download the full text PDF version of the report at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Soy is making kids gay!

Soy = Sodomy 

This article is fantastic!


Trevlig Lucia Dag Allihopa!

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