Brooklyn Bridge


a bit of history


I found out the other day that my building, in NYC on Broadway between Franklin and Leonard, is a historical landmark. It housed one of the portrait studios of Matthew Brady, a famous American Civil War-era photographer, from 1853-1860, which means that the building itself must be at least 150 years old.

A self portrait of Matthew Brady circa 1875:


An etching of what the interior of my building looked like during Brady’s day:

Some more links about Brady and 359 Broadway:

2 self-portraits

Here are two self-portraits that I took of myself posing in front of my roommate Tasha’s painting, which hangs in the living room of our loft:



Japan’s Paradox of Wealth

Here’s a very interesting article that sums up the idea that Japan is a rich country with a relatively low standard of living.  That is to say that the nation is affluent because the citizenry put in long hours and live in cramped, uncomfortable apartments.  I can definitely identify with this having lived in Japan for 3 years.

Not too much to report on the personal front.  I was doing some web research this morning for work for Japanese university recruiting contacts and I came across the article above.

I do miss Japan a little, but I love my new job and my big city life in NYC.

Challenging Columbus Day

Next Monday is Columbus Day in the US, a day that perpetuates a hegemonic myth that justifies and even celebrates colonialism, imperialism and genocide.

To find out more about why we should protest the holiday: