No War with Iran Petition 

As unbelievable as it may seem, the White House has given a “prepare to deploy” order sending the USS Eisenhower to the Persian Gulf, and leaked reports are warning that the Bush Administration is making further preparations for a military strike against Iran.

Is this simply an escalation of the administration’s saber-rattling? An attempt to provoke Iran and create a Tonkin Gulf-like rationale to justify military strikes? Or is this actually the first step of planned military action against Iran, with the administration’s declarations of attempted diplomacy just as phony as they were before the Iraq war?

We cannot wait to prevent an unprovoked attack against Iran.

Military action against Iran would inevitably kill large numbers of innocent people, foster even greater hatred towards the United States, and bring international condemnation. Our own intelligence agencies have concluded the Iraq war has worsened the terrorist threat, and a war against Iran would add immeasurably more fuel to the fire.

Stand up to the Administration – Demand that there be no war in Iran! 

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Ceasefire Campaign: Talk to Iran


The Res Publica, the group I am working for here in New York just launched a new campaign today urging the US to open direct talks with Iran about its nuclear program.

If you get a chance, please take a look and make your voice heard.

To learn more about this issue, check out this fascinating and enlightening interview on Democracy Now! with former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter:

Scott Ritter on “Target Iran: The Truth About the White House’s Plans for Regime Change”

From the Ceasefire Campaign:

North Korea’s nuclear test last week showed that policies of isolation and threats of regime change will not prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. We need to act quickly, before the Bush Administration makes the same mistakes in Iran. The UN Security Council is scheduled to discuss sanctions on Iran this week, making it critical to get as many people as possible involved in this campaign over the next few days, while world leaders are debating their options. Click below to send a message to President Bush, calling on the US to enter direct negotiations with Iran:

The last thing the world needs is a global nuclear arms race, so let’s seize this moment to show the Bush Administration that the world has a stake in resolving things with Iran peacefully – and will hold him accountable.

Talks between the US and Iran won’t guarantee a solution to the nuclear problem, but no talks will guarantee failure. There is no military solution to this issue, and President Bush’s aggressive policies have begun to spark a global nuclear arms race, as countries rush to build nuclear weapons. There have been several calls, even from prominent members of Bush’s own Republican Party, to change course. Join this rising chorus by clicking below:

The Bush Administration is starting to learn that it ignores global public opinion at its peril. Let’s send a strong message to President Bush – forward this email to your friends and family, and encourage them to help prevent the nightmare of a new global nuclear arms race from becoming reality.


Tranny Rock at the DUMBO Art Under The Bridge Festival

Last weekend, I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to DUMBO for the Under the Bridge Festival. Here are some pics from a tranny rock show I wandered into.







Beck: The Information


Beck: The Information

My latest Amazon acquisition. I don’t usually buy CDs anymore, but this one comes with stickers to make your own album art and a DVD of all the tracks. Plus, I had an Amazon gift certificate from my credit card rewards points.

The review haiku:

Genre is Beck’s whore

Hip hop trailer trash bitch slap

Rimbaud with a beat