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typhoon blues

another typhoon is on the way to Japan. Apparently, this is a big one. I have lost count as to how many we have had this year. I think we have set a new record or something.

Japan Travel

back in Japan

just got back to Nakatsu after 9 days in Taiwan.


Cracked Open The Piggy Bank

Today in preparation for my trip to Taiwan, I cracked open my piggy bank full of 100 and 500 yen coins (worth slightly less than 1 dollar and 5 dollars respectively) that I had been saving for the last 6 months or so. It wasn’t literally a piggy bank, it was more like a tin can with a slot for putting coins in. The only way to open it was with a can opener (or a “tin opener” for our non-North American friends). I had 46,700 yen in my piggy bank! That’s about 450 bucks (or 225 quid for our friends from across the Pond)!

There is a big typhoon headed for Japan again. I looked at the satelite photo and it looks like it will be making landfall to the east of Kyushu, so maybe we will be spared the brunt of it. I just hope that I will be fly out of Fukuoka airport to Taipei tomorrow!


Personality Test

I took a personality test online today.
Apparently I am an ENFP that means that I am Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving.
Find out more about what that means here.

Take the test yourself here.