Wisdom Hackers launching October 6


Wisdom Hackers: An Incubator for Philosophers to Launch Oct. 6th

The 6th of October 2014 sees the launch of an exciting series of philosophical dispatches from young, edgy thinkers from major cities across the globe – Berlin, London, Mexico City, Nairobi, New York, Paris, and San Francisco.

Founded in the summer of 2014, Wisdom Hackers brings together fresh voices from art, activism, technology, and design to ask “ancient questions in modern contexts.” Over the course of eight weeks, participants (affec- tionately called “Seekers”) each explored a deep question and produced meditations on these questions in the form of dispatches. Questions related to the future of democracy, technology consumption, the inherent wisdom of children, the evolution of consciousness, and the nature of Enlightenment in the world today.

The community of “Seekers” includes British novelist Anna Stothard, actress and poet Grace Dunham, Occupy journalist Nathan Schneider, hacker and activist Brett Scott, and artist and TED Fellow Rachel Sussman. For a complete list of Seekers see: www.wisdomhackers.com/seekers

The philosophical dispatches will be published through a new digital literary start-up called The Pigeonhole, starting on October 6th. The Pigeonhole harnesses 21st-century technology to bring back the serialized book, a format made famous by Dickens, Dumas and Dostoevsky. Through the Pigeonhole bespoke app and transmedia platform, Wisdom Hackers will publish their dispatches direct to readers.

“Our aim in partnering with the Pigeonhole is to create new markets for self-expression outside of traditional publishing,” says Wisdom Hackers Founder Alexa Clay. “Our very real challenge is to understand how philosophy and wisdom can be adapted for our digital age. We want to create a learning community of the future where spirited inquiry into life’s burning questions are actively encouraged and shared with a wider public.”

Wisdom Hackers participant and journalist, Nathan Schneider offered his own observations on the experience, “It’s such a relief to be able to have an excuse to put the quest for wisdom at the center of one’s work for a spell. Even if we wouldn’t say it out loud, it’s that quest that secretly motivates so many of us. Wisdom Hackers has been a much-needed coming-out party for clandestine mystics, dreamers, wanderers, and guerrillas in a world that ordinarily prefers not to make a place for them—for us.”

For more information contact:
Alexa Clay
Founder, Wisdom Hackers
+ 49 (0) 176 8473 8303

Kelly Pike
Hello Public Relations
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