Weekend Dinner

Ume chicken leg, oven roasted broccoli and pork fried rice

The ume chicken is inspired by the ume duck recipe in Eric Gower’s Breakaway Cook. I substituted chicken for duck since I couldn’t find duck leg at the market and also added pickled ginger to the simple sauce which is super simple – just puréed umeboshi and umeshu. The pork fried rice is made out of leftover porchetta from Peasant in Nolita.

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Foossa Facts

  • Lee-Sean, thanks for breaking away from a recipe that’s already pretty far out there. How’d it turn out?

  • The flavor was great and super simple to make. Since chicken has a lot less fat than duck, I browned it up with some oil on the stove and then spooned on some sauce and finished it in the oven. I had some leftover pickled ginger that I puréed into the sauce as well, which added some nice added spiciness.

    I will definitely try it again when I get my hands on some duck legs.

  • I got my hands on some duck legs once — they used to call it ‘Junior Prom.’