The Presidential Debate: I HAVE A BRACELET so I should be president

I watched the Obama-McCain debate tonight, while chatting on AIM with my ITP classmates.  Rather amusing indeed, the best part was when both candidates compared their accessories collection.

“I HAVE A BRACELET TOO!”  Are bracelets from military families the new yellow ribbons or flag pins?

Show your patriotism with an “I HAVE A BRACELET” T-shirtBuying stuff is patriotic too.

More on the bracelet battle from Reuters.

And from Michelle Malkin of all people.

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Foossa Facts

  • Michelle Malkin noticed the bracelet thing too. I can’t comment on her blog since registration is closed, so the best I can hope for is a trackback.

  • K-Hizzle

    I have a bracelet too. I should be the next president.

  • BTW, thanks to Swerdloff for the t-shirt idea.

  • Oh, cool. I want a tshirt that will be meaningless in about a month.

    Wait, there’s a national economic crisis going on. I just wanted to check and see if that shirt you’re selling is made in China. Oh! it is? Wonderful!

    I’m going to buy 2!

  • Marie

    Obama is the Look-What-I-Can-Do Stewart!

  • I love the shirt idea. Captures the triteness of the whole thing. When he said that, I was hoping he would follow with, “but I don’t go around talking about it and politicizing things that shouldn’t be politicized (implied: like the bailout).” That was one of many opportunities I think Obama missed for a knockout punch. I was tearing my hair out all night, but according to the MSM it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it was.