The End of an Era


Photos of my last night (30 November 2007) with Tasha and Annika in the loft at 359 Broadway. Artsy, sentimental, self-indulgent photos. Sure, the loft was old, kinda ghetto, and freezing cold, but it was historic, bohemian, and full of street cred. Moving out is like the end of an era.


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Foossa Facts

  • Are th’ napkins there to wipe up baby Jesus’ tears?

  • RIP K-Stock

    End of an era indeed

  • So show us some shots of your new place when you get done schlepping and assembling your new Ikea products 😀

    Looking forward to patronizing the KL Ikea myself, in a week or so…

  • Awww…for you

    for me…

    YAY! I’m glad you’re out of there. I applaud every step away from emo hipsterism.

    Welcome to corporate living! You’ll find the men in suits sexy eventually…