Tee for Terrorist?!



Apparently wearing T-shirts with writing in Arabic means that you are a potential terrorist – another paranoid attack on free speech in the name of "national security."

Does Tee Stand For Terrorist? NYC Student Stopped on Staten Island Ferry For Wearing T-Shirt Saying “We Will Not Be Silent” in Arabic

Read more or listen/watch the podcast/videocast from Democracy Now!

Iraqi Peace Activist Forced to Change T-ShirtBearing Arabic Script Before Boarding Plane at JFK

Read more or listen/watch the podcast/videocast from Democracy Now!

Another version of the story.

Support free speech by ordering and wearing a "We will not be silent" T-shirt here.


"WE WILL NOT BE SILENT" was a statement by the student resistance movement in Nazi Germany called The White Rose. This is a statement of purpose, intended to inspire acts of resistance and dissent, against a corrupt government that abuses its power and abandons the rule of law.

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  • Mary

    Muzzling Arab peace activists – what a great idea!

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  • Colleagues; It would be a dazzling service to freedom, IF you were to post a jpg of beautifully written Arabic, saying “We will not be silent”. I have found this, but with only 7Kb to 10 Kb resolution. If I could capture this in a 200kb to 300 kb jpg, I could send it to a company in Pasadena CA and have it EMBROIDERED on a shirt.
    It would be even nicer if you sent me an email telling me you have done so! Brian