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I got back last night from a 2 week vacation in Taiwan. The trip back to the homeland featured stays in Taipei, the bustling metropolitan capital of Taiwan, and Taichung, the 3rd largest city and my mom’s hometown. We also made a jaunt up to the mountains for a few days to escape the subtropical heat of the cities.

I fell off the vegetarian wagon in a bad way on the trip and overate in general. Taiwanese hospitality is the downfall of my waistline. But why, oh why are the Shanghai soup dumplings at Din Tai Fung so good? And why must they contain pork? I did try some vegan ‘tuna’ sashimi at a seafood buffet in Taichung, but it was slimy and rather nasty.

Din Tai Fung Soup Dumplings

I hope that being back to my daily routine in NYC will put me back on track. Stopped by the new Tribeca Whole Foods on my way home for some soy milk, organic bananas and açaí for smoothie making. How BoBo of me. 😉

Photos from the Taiwan trip on Flickr.

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  • Mistress of Philosophy

    Are you vegetarian now?? What prompted the decision?

  • It was kind of a gradual decision (still in progress) that Kris and I arrived at for various reasons ranging from health to taste to ethics to economics. But it’s a conversion to vegetarianism as a constant process (sort of like a jihad or communist revolution).