Hulu for iPhone


My team for Designing the Future of Television was inspired by the buzz around a potential Hulu iPhone App. There were reports that it was “coming soon” back in April, but still no app yet. There are some hurdles to the app’s release, such as the need for sign-off from Apple and AT&T. Also, according to comScore, only slightly more than 3% of mobile users watch video on their phones, so TV for mobile still has a long way to go. While iPhones have native support of watching YouTube videos, having the addition of Hulu would increase consumer choice to include a variety of commercial and longer form content.

We also checked out the AT&T Mobile TV service, but we were less inspired. AT&T’s service basically makes your cellphone a TV tuner for live TV. But you have to pay for it, unlike traditional broadcast (as opposed to cable) TV, which is free as long as you have the hardware. Also, we are less interested in watching live TV on my phone unless it’s breaking news or a sporting event. The whole point of mobile phones was to free us from the tether of our landlines, and the whole point of video on demand is to free us from the standardized schedules of broadcast. While landlines and live broadcast TV still have their place, we find the on-demand video of Hulu coupled with the placeshifting of a cellphones a compelling and inspirational direction for the future of television.

Vote for “Herbivores” on Food2

Herbivores,” the video that I made with my friend and ITP classmate Elizabeth Fuller last year has made it to the top 10 semifinals of the First Annual Food2 Summer Challenge. But we desperately need your votes to help us win the grand prize, a trip to the NYC food and wine festival. Please vote for us at the link here. You need to sign in to vote, but you can log in using your Facebook or MySpace account. It only takes a minute.

Thanks so much for your help!


ccSalon San Francisco June 2009


The Creative Commons Salon San Francisco took place on June 24th at PariSoMa, “a coworking space that provides desks, wi-fi, coffee and community to independent professionals.”  The theme of the salon was “[t]he digital intersection of art, history, and culture, and how CC can play a defining role in enriching all three.”  Videos after the jump.

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ITP 2009 Spring Show Thanks

ITP 2009 Spring Show Thanks from Matt Richard on Vimeo.

Matt Richard created a video of the 4,204 images that were taken at “A Fish This Big” showcase. Displayed in order in which they were taken, the images create an animation of the two days the show lasted.

See if you can spot me holding some fish in the video!

In case you missed it, check out the two projects I presented at the show online:

  • Givkwik, micro-donation mobile app prototype.
  • ODI et AMO, Catullus meets Blade Runner in an animated music video