Black Curry 黒カレー

I went to Coco’s Curry House with Natalie and some of her colleagues tonight for dinner.  Coco’s is a Japanese-style curry chain restaurant with a franchise just 3 minutes walk from my hosue and a frequent JET hangout in Nakatsu.  The sign outside the building (above) )says, “We are making delicious curry” in Japanese.  I ordered one of the seasonal specials: black curry!


According to the menu, the black curry contains the following special ingredients:

  • Onion    たまねぎ
  • Tomato  トマト
  • Squid ink  イカスミ
  • Wine     ワイン
  • Brandy  ブランデー
  • Almonds アーモンド
  • Olive oil  オリーブオイル
  • Garlic    ガーリック

The ingredient list sounds more Mediterranean than South Asian.  The squid ink imparts a dark, sexy black color, with a subtle taste of the sea, but not too very fishy.  In fact, the inky and mysterious blend was quite smooth and well-balanced.  Here’s another photo (below) of the actual dish, topped with a soft poached egg (半熟タマゴ).  Very striking yin-yang, light-dark contrast.


Sushi and Waterfall 寿司と滝

Today, Luke and I went to get some conveyor belt sushi (回転寿司)for lunch and then we took a short roadtrip to Ajimu to visit a waterfall, the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon and to beat the heat of a hot July day.

Horse mackerel (鯵) swimming in the tank:


Horse mackerel sushi and sashimi (鯵の活き尽くし). It doesn’t get any fresher than this. The fish carcass was still twitching when they brought it to our table.



Oita JET Going-away Party 大分県ジェット参加者送別会

Last night, we had our leaving party/dinner shindig for JET participants in Oita City at the Oasis Tower Hotel.  It was a great evening, albeit a little bit sad to see some people for the last time.  Only 18 more days until I leave Japan!!

After the dinner we headed over to Miyako Machi, the entertainment district of Oita City and just hung out and drank chuhais in Jungle Park.  And of course, no big evening out is complete without karaoke, so we went to karaoke for a last hurrah.  Of course, I sang Purple Rain, my signature tune.

 Justin and Pernaise


Max and Gaz


Natalie, Chris and Dai


Tash, Steph and Keiko


Luke and L.S.