Hepnova Biography Podcast


A Portrait of the Artists as Hot Young Freaks, a biography of Hepnova (the band formerly known as The Ronald Raygun), by Jon Rodis (pictured sitting above).

Stay tuned for the new Hepnova album late 2007/early 2008!

The Hepdate

A blog post from Hepnova’s newest member, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Sophia Chang:

7 August 2007

Hallo Future Fans of Hepnova!

Your songbirdie friend is on a gay-cased laptop (it’s “red” but on a white background it’s slightly on the pink side) (it’s a MacBook – hey it’s Hep property, I didn’t choose this) writing to you from Scottsdale, AZ, where they paved paradise (paradise being the desert) and put up a golf course and a million-dollar-home-estate.

Other than a band and roadie dinner on Sat. at some 50’s theme diner, I’ve been living in the studio. Literally. The guest house in which my bandmate’s parents have put me up is also “the studio”. (the marble tile makes fantastic acoustics. Damn, now you know our

Yesterday, Day 2, we did an interview for a podcast for the band website.

Today was Day 3 of recording and the worst thing happened – the AC that’s been running nonstop to counteract the 100 degree days has ravaged my voice. I woke up sounding like those adolescent white girls at the mall who smoke and use hairspray. To my dismay, I couldn’t lay down the lead track to my new dance song to which the Hepboys added a great ska/calypso flava as requested.

To get my blood pumping in an effort to reclaim my vocal range, I went for a swim in L.S.’s oddly-shaped pool. Geometrically inspiring…not quite so lap-swim-friendly. It was going well until I saw the very cute, very dead lizard floating in one corner. Poor thing. That was still okay too…until I saw the mashed mouse feeding some flies NEXT to the pool. To my credit, I kept diagonally swimming for a little bit more.

We’ve laid down the bones of a few really awesome songs. I’m super excited about them.

We’ve also cooked three different leftover-based pastas. My schedule is still skewed badly. I’m without adequate eye make-up remover, coupled with the fact that sweat is apparently the missing secret ingredient in waterproof eyeliner (no wonder my makeup doesn’t stay on in freezing Frisco), makes me look like I have permanent Rocky Balboa eyes.

L.S. and I are going to see the true Phoenix site tomorrow: the mega mall. Awww yeah. I need to buy some hair dye so I can punk out my bangs. (Won’t be getting the perm until NYC).

Here’s a photo of our first night of recording.



50 Word Fiction #1

Today I tried out to be a teacher for an SAT prep company called Revolution Prep. There were about 13 of us at the audition. We had to teach a short, non-SAT-related lesson on the topic of our choice as a demonstration of our classroom teaching potential. I did an interactive lesson on how to order drinks in Japanese. One girl named Tatiana introduced us to the idea of 50 word fiction. It is meant to be a daily exercise where you have to write a short, fictional story in only 50 words. The story should begin right in the middle of the action or a vivid sensory description and end with a twist. I wonder if I will be disciplined enough to try it as a daily practice. It seems like a great intellectual and creative exercise.

Here is my first attempt below:

Amy was doing cartwheels on the lawn. Dog days of summer. Sprinklers turn on. Johnny washing his car in the driveway. Lemonade stand across the street. Damn neighborhood kids riding their bikes through my flowerbeds. Damn punks with their music too loud. So I throw my garden gnome at them.

David Miliband/Avaaz.org Chatham House Speech (Highlights)

David Miliband/Avaaz.org Chatham House Speech (Highlights) from lee-sean on Vimeo.

Ask David Miliband (the new UK Foreign Secretary) your questions

David Miliband, the new UK Foreign Secretary, will be giving his first major speech this Thursday (19 July 2007) at an event co-hosted by Avaaz. YouTubers around the world have the opportunity to ask Miliband a question at the event. Upload your question in the form of a video response to this video before 19 July 2007 and make your voice heard!
Intro and Outro music courtesy of Hepnova

After 10 years under Tony Blair, Britain has a new government — and its new Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, promises to “listen as well as lead”. This could be a new beginning for British foreign policy — and the UK has a huge effect on the global issues we care about, climate change, global poverty, Iraq, Israel-Palestine and more.

Remarkably, impressed by our momentum, Miliband has asked Avaaz to co-host his first major speech this Thursday — and agreed to take questions and comments from all of us as Avaaz members. He promises “A New Diplomacy”, and wants to get off on the right foot by making our community – and global public opinion – his first audience. Do you have a question for the new British foreign affairs chief? A statement, piece of advice, warning or encouragement? We’ll put Avaaz members’ questions to him after his speech, and compile your words of advice into a book that he will keep in his office and consult when looking for the views of people around the world. Click below now to contribute a question or comment:


Miliband is asking himself some questions too: what Britain’s foreign priorities should be, how to be more multilateral. It’s fine to be challenging (you might want to ask what he’ll do about one of our campaigns!) but please keep it appropriate and respectful. We’re also hoping that some Avaaz members will submit their questions via video – it would be particularly powerful for our members from the Middle East, Asia or Africa to ask questions by video. (Just email comments@avaaz.org for help if you need it.) And a webcast of the whole event will be on the site after Thursday.

The best time to influence a government is in its first few days in power. We’ll judge David Miliband by his actions — and take nothing for granted. But if we are to make the views and values of the world’s people shape global decisions, we need to engage openly and honestly with the people who decide. This is a great opportunity for our community to do just that.

So let’s test the waters — and give this Foreign Secretary some food for thought


In hope,

Paul, Iain, Ricken, Graziela, Galit, Ben, Lee-Sean and the whole Avaaz team

For more information on Miliband, check out the links below:



PS YouTube is the best place to post a video response – email comments@avaaz.org if you have a webcam but don’t know how to upload video!

And to watch the webcast of the event at any time, just visit the same link after Thursday: http://www.avaaz.org/en/ask_miliband