I went on an impromptu trip out to Montauk, Long Island last weekend with Catherine.  Photo essay and travel tips below.

STAY at The Panoramic View – simple luxury, right on the beach

EAT fish and chips at Gurney’s Inn, right next door to The Panoramic View

DRINK at Nick’s, a beach bar right in town with live music

WATCH the sunset at the Montauket

EAT lobsters at Duryea’s.  Rustic and delicious.  My lobster was pregnant! Yum.

ADOPT a sock monkey and shop for other kitsch Americana at a shop on the main street in town (don’t remember the name)

More photos on Flickr.



Catherine, Elizabeth (pictured above) and I went on a day trip to Southampton today for some [cold] sea breezes and country charms.  I great chance to get out of the city, despite the 2+ hour train ride each way.  The hearty brunch and bottle of wine definitely helped too.


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