Sake tasting at Bao Noodles

Bao Noodles

I attended a sake tasting and dinner organized by JETAANY on Monday night at Bao Noodles.   Chris Johnson, JET-alum, sommelier, and owner of Bao Noodles, presented a tasting of his restaurant’s Vietnamese specialties paired with Momokawa and Murai Family sake.  Chris is extremely knowledgeable about sake; he explained the different kinds of sake and how sake was made.

It was the first time I had sake with Vietnamese food, or sake with non-Japanese food for that matter.  It turned out to be a very educational experience.  It may sound strange, but it just works.  Sake is indeed a very versatile beverage.  My favorite pairing was the dessert: coconut and pandan panna cotta with nigori (unfiltered) sake.  The combination of the coconut, pandan and sake became an explosion of tropical aromas in my mouth.  Yum!

Needless to say, I wholeheartedly recommend Bao Noodles, so go check it out.

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2007 JETAANY Career Forum

I was the panel moderator for the 2007 JETAANY Career Forum at the Nippon Club on Saturday, October 27 and an MC for the Welcome Back Reception later that evening.

I recorded the Career Forum presentations and panel discussion.  Visit to read more and to download the MP3s.

Japanese Ambassador’s Reception


Above: Me and Takae from the Japan National Tourist Organization in NY

Last Friday, I joined members of JETAANY and the new 2007 JET Programme participants departing from New York City for a reception at the Japanese Ambassador’s residence, a Louis XV-style townhouse (with elements of japonisme, of course) in the tony Upper East Side. I felt like Marie-Antoinette at Versailles as I munched on Beard Papa cream puffs.

Good luck in Japan to all the departing JET participants. Gambatte ne!


Above: Me and Monica, Social chair of JETAANY.

See all of my photos of the event on Flickr. And Carol’s photos here.