Innovation Spirit Animals

How 5 Mythical Beasts Can Help You Tackle Real-World Challenges

Meet five spirit animals from Foossa’s innovation menagerie: Ouroboros, Chimera, Kitsune, Hydra, and Trojan Horse. More than just mascots, each mythical creature embodies a mindset and a methodology for solving social and business challenges. Together they enhance our strategic toolkit for creative action. Let’s learn more about these spirit animals.

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Innovation Spirit Animals

Six Word Stories


Yesterday I led a workshop on Transformative Storytelling at the Smart Impact startup accelerator in Mexico City. As the final exercise of the workshop, I had participants write 6 word stories inspired by their businesses or their life’s work. The strict constraint of only six words forces a kind of creative discipline and prioritization. Every word counts, and every word must make an emotional impact.

The exercise is based on the 6 word story, “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn,” a story associated with (and falsely attributed to Hemingway). Whoever the original author was, the story is an example of how it is possible to evoke incredible depths of emotion and humanity in a few short words.

What is your 6 word story?