Caio’s site nominated for Catalan design contest


My friend Caio in Barcelona has been nominated for a Catalan design contest for his web design work.  From his email:

Amigos, torçam por mim.  Um projeto de multimidia que eu fiz e apresentei pra um concurso de Design super importante aqui na Espanha foi selecionado como finalista.
Estou mandando o link assim podem dar uma olhada e opinar…

Chicos, mi web ha sido selecionada para los Laus. El vinculo sigue a continuación así pegais un vistazo.

Hi everyone. A project in web design I´d been doing recently has been selected as finalist to this important contest in Spain. Check out the link below.

Abraços a todos.

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An article about in WorldChanging:

Helvetica vs. Arial


From Helvetica vs. Arial

Helvetica was developed by the Haas Foundry of Switzerland in the 1950s. Microsoft distributed a typeface called Arial, a very similar typeface, that comes bundled with every desktop computer

Thus Arial has now overtaken Helvetica as the standard font in practically everything done by those who don't know better.

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From The Scourge of Arial:

Arial is everywhere. If you don't know what it is, you don't use a modern personal computer. Arial is a font that is familiar to anyone who uses Microsoft products, whether on a PC or a Mac. It has spread like a virus through the typographic landscape and illustrates the pervasiveness of Microsoft's influence in the world.

Arial's ubiquity is not due to its beauty. It's actually rather homely. Not that homeliness is necessarily a bad thing for a typeface. With typefaces, character and history are just as important. Arial, however, has a rather dubious history and not much character. In fact, Arial is little more than a shameless impostor.

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