Avaaz featured in the Economist Magazine


Feb 15th 2007
From The Economist print edition

Electronic activism is stirring a lot of citizens into life, whatever leaders think

WHATEVER might unite or divide them, George Bush, Vladimir Putin and the other leaders of the G8 nations will have a fresh topic for small talk, and perhaps serious talk, when they meet in Germany this summer.They and their underlings will all have been bombarded with e-mails from every country in the world urging them to take faster action over climate change—in a campaign mounted by Avaaz.org, a new web-based protest movement which aspires to be the biggest and broadest such organisation in a crowded field.

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New Avaaz Climate Change Campaign

The new Avaaz.org Climate Change campaign video is now online! My favorite shots are Bush with a teddy bear and Putin sleeping with a gun.

Version française aussi disponible / Versión española también disponible
Other languages coming soon!

Report on Climate Change

Over the weekend the Observer obtained a leaked copy of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report.


The New York Times obtained another:


Thanks to Iain for the links.  The research is pretty sobering stuff.  It is time to take some action to slow down and reverse climate change.  After all, Step 1 is realizing that you have a problem, and we DEFINITELY have a problem on our hands folks.